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Advancing the agricultural sector with superior quality Agriculture Machine Spare Parts like Potato Planter Parts, Rotavator Spare Parts, Mini Rotavator Parts, Tractor Weights, Disc Harrow Parts, etc.

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About Us

In many sectors, technology has always been grateful in offering innovative techniques to facilitate the work of people. Yet another field is agriculture, which has also undergone gradual development. Our company, Amrik Mechanical Works has been studying these reforms since our commencement in the year 1969 and has introduced various technology advanced Agricultural Machine Parts. We have obtained significant reputation in the industry as a manufacturer, supplier and trader of a varied selection consisting of Solid and Hollow Rods, Rotavator Spare Parts, Mini Rotavator Parts, Potato Digger Parts Tractor Weights, and various others. After which, we ensure that we follow the right marketing tactics to present such uniquely built product line in the market.

Consumer Satisfaction 

Consumer satisfaction is one of the main factors that almost every business seeks to achieve to succeed on the market. Conversely, it has always been the highest priority for our business to satisfy the clients according to their needs, and we do not miss any opportunity to do so. We implement several management strategies to ensure customer satisfaction, some of which are as follows:

  • We study the market in depth and accordingly analyze the customer requirements. 
  • We focus on providing the best solutions to the clients, as per their needs. 
  • We always follow the most moral approaches while conducting business with our clients. 
  • We build and maintain long-term relationships with our clients for future business opportunities.

Our Experience

In the long yet prosperous journey of more than a half century, we, Amrik Mechanical Works have faced many challenges but eventually reached a prominent position in the market. Our relentless efforts and commitment, with the help of which we serve our valuable customers, are behind this achievement. We began by researching the constantly growing agricultural sector and developed impressive solutions accordingly. Despite our presence in the industry for such a long period of time, we have also revamped our manufacturing processes to build a phenomenal product line including Alternator and Diesel Engine, Solid and Hollow Rods, Tractor Weights, Potato Digger Parts, etc. Throughout this period of time, we have focused on remaining updated with the latest developments and presenting them to our customers.

Product Range

Our company is specialized in manufacturing following products:

  • Tractor Parts
  • Tractor Weights
  • Potato Digger Parts
  • Potato Planter Parts
  • Alternator and Diesel Engine
  • All Kind of Castings- CI Casting, S.G Iron Casting, Gunmetal Casting, Bronze Casting & Aluminium Casting
  • Solid and Hollow Rods of CI Casting, Gunmetal , Bronze & Aluminium 
  • Cultivator Parts, Disc Harrow Parts & Rotavator Parts
  • Auto Parts Casting
  • Scaffolding
  • Brass Casting- Solid and Hollow Rods